What do we do?

Business case analysis

You think You have a good idea but don’t know how to validate it? By performing business case analysis we bring together the benefits, disadvantages, costs and risks of current situation and future vision so You could decide if Your idea is worth for further investments. 


Reduces the costs of product development in so many ways: assists designers, reduces the need of written documentation, helps clients to understand in detail required functions and boosts programming.


We can offer a wide variety of programming languages, tools and softwares. Python, PHP, Angular, React, AI/ML, Flask, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticseach - just tell us what you need and we will offer best tech stack to solve you problems. 


Writing code is just a half of the work. We also take care of all Your system administration matters having in mind current work loads, systems’ scalability potential and your needs. 

Quality assurance

Together we set the definition of quality and by all means we ensure that our work is no less than expected and agreed. Constant quality control helps to keep project on track and present the best value of work for You. 


We are partners. So our job is not done with only programming, we provide full maintenance services.  It is like owning a car - it is not enough to buy it, You also have to take care of it daily.  Software solutions requires constant maintenance to ensure its’ stable performance. 


Have an IT related problem or seeking to optimize operations of Your company but don’t know where to start? Contact us and we will help You to find the best solution to every problem or challenge.

Minimum viable product

If You want to test the market or need a better grip of Your future product/service, we will help You to build minimum viable product (MVP) before investing to real production. MVP is the best way to minimize risks of product failure.